Operating status

Delayed payment status

When paying your parking fine, please allow 4 to 5 working days for the payment status to update. 


Logon to view your parking fine

Logon with your NemID or the registration number of the vehicle and the fine's reference number to view your parking fines, pay or challenge them. You may also view the parking warden's explanation and photos.

Logon with the registration number of the vehicle and the reference number of the fine

Logon to access and pay your parking fines. Enter the registration and reference number.

Questions and answers regarding parking fines

I wish to challenge my parking fine

If you wish to challenge your parking fine, you can log in via this page using your Danish NemID. This is the easiest way to make sure that we get all the information we need to process your complaint quickly.

If you do not have a Danish NemID, please fill out and send you complaint via our international complaint form.

I cannot submit my complaint digitally

You can also complain by contacting us in other ways. Find contact information and opening hours on the telephone at www.kk.dk/parking.

Who do I contact with questions regarding payment or a reminder fee?

Can I have my parking fine reduced?

How do I view my parking fines?

When you log on with your NemID on this page, a list is shown of your parking fines where payment is outstanding.

Where do I read about rules and regulations for parking in Copenhagen?

I am met by a system error when I wish to send off my complaint

Please be aware that files attached to your complaint as documentation may not exceed 6 MB in total.

How do I attach a parking fine to my NemID?

It is possible for you to attach a parking fine to your NemID, even if you are not the registered owner of the vehicle. This option is used if you have borrowed or rented a vehicle and you wish to challenge a fine you have received. You do not need to attach a fine to your NemID to pay it.
On the front page of this website you find a video guide explaining how to attach a fine to your NemID and e.g. process a complaint.

I wish to seek access to inspect personal files

If you wish to seek access to inspect personal files, you need to contact us through contact details on the website.

I don't get contents of parkering.kk.dk shown correctly (browser error)

1) Parkering.kk.dk works with the two latest versions of Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 54, Safari version 9.1 and Firefox 50, and newer – not older, as older versions are no longer supported by distributors. Content on the parkering.kk.dk may not be shown correctly on older versions.
On this link you can check which browser version you have https://www.whatismybrowser.com/guides/the-latest-version/
2) Parkering.kk.dk may also be used on your smart phone and tablet.

You received a parking fine – what now?

If you have received a parking fine, you can view the parking warden's photo documentation and their explanation (in Danish) by logging on above using the vehicle's registration number and the reference number of the fine [in Danish: Løbenummer] - i.e. the first 7 numbers from left. Here you can also process payment of your fine.
If you wish to challenge a parking fine you must logon using your NemID.

Go to our website for guidelines on other ways to pay you parking fine.